Project Briefing

The art designer for the new Blue Bird Restaurant in NYC presented Parthenon with over 30 custom made wire profiles, no two were alike. They wanted the profiles to be framed, raised and lit in order to emphasize the uniqueness and fragility of the pieces.

Figuring out how to frame the wire pieces was as much a science project as a framing project. Each one had to be raised with specially bent wiring to show the shadows caused by the LED lighting that had to be mounted at a specific angle, shielded from view. Satisfying the designer who wanted each piece to meet exact brightness and the electrician’s voltage specifications was a challenge. While on the other hand, each shadow box had to be identically hand crafted in raw white oak. We were only given 4 working days to do the project after receiving the final specifications from the design firm. The project was delivered before deadline. Each time I return to the site I can’t help but admire the 32 matching frames, perfectly aligned across the sprawling wall with a sense of pride and satisfaction.


Wire Facial Profiles