When you have fragile artwork, you want it taken care of by professionals. Whether you have a piece of handmade needlework that you’d like to turn into artwork or if you have a canvas that you want to hang on your wall, we always take special care when handling your one-of-a-kind artwork.

Needlework – Fabric

When framing handmade works of art such as embroidery, handwoven or painted fabric, we determine the appropriate mounting method such as, lacing or pinning. Parthenon Framing will help you press, block, and mount your needlework or fabric using appropriate preservation practices.

Canvas Stretching

The purpose of stretching a canvas is to prepare it for framing. Canvas is wrapped around wooden stretcher bars and stretched so the surface is smooth, taut, and wrinkle-free. We stretch many canvases, both painted and unpainted. Depending upon the size of the canvas, we have different sizes of wood stretcher bars we use to support the fabric.