There are different kinds of mounting techniques. We will help you determine the most appropriate method for your artwork, taking preservation standards and your budget into consideration. Special care is always taken when handling your one-of-a-kind artwork.

Dry Mounting

Dry Mounting vacuum heat seals artwork to a rigid backing like foam core or mat board. Mounting of prints, posters, and newspaper articles ensures they lay nice and flat.  We can dry mount paper art up to 48 x 96″.

Plexiglass Mounting (Face Mount)

In this process, plexi-glass is mounted directly onto the photo or artwork and acts as a protective barrier. A backing can be installed so the art can be hung without a frame. In addition, holes can be drilled through the plexi-glass so standoffs can be installed.



DiBond Mounting

DiBond mounting is used for highly valued art or cherished pieces creating a permanent bond on an aluminum composite panel. The finished piece can be either framed or hung directly on a wall. A back brace is attached for ease in installing.


Aluminum Panel Mounting

Similar to DiBond, art can be directly mounted to an aluminum panel, as opposed to a DiBond, composite panel. This is commonly done for art that will remain unframed.

Sintra Mount

Less expensive and less rigid than DiBond, Sintra is an archival plastic material that is mostly used for mounting important art designated to be framed.

Protective Lamination

Mounted pieces that are destined to remain unframed can be covered with protective transparent lamintes. These can be matte or glossy in texture and fulters UV light to protect your art.

Frame Mounting

In the world of presenting fine art, there are a variety of mounting techniques to consider. Selecting the most appropriate method of frame mounting or canvas mounting for your artwork, adhering to recognized preservation standards and budget are all points of consideration. Finding and engaging a professional frame mounting company will ensure your fine art will be enjoyed for years to come.

When mounting your art, you have the options of canvas stretching, dry mounting, or lacing or pinning, depending on the art. Canvas stretching can be expertly done by Parthenon Framing whether it is on painted or unpainted canvas. They have a variety of stretching bars so your canvas frame mounting will be sure to be stretched to perfection. Dry mounting is when art is glued directly to either a foam core or mat board. This is common for photography or posters and the artists at Parthenon can dry mount pieces up to 46” x 96”. If you are looking to present a lace or handwoven item, lacing or pinning the art results in the best final product. Parthenon Framing will help you press, block, and mount your needlework or fabric using the most advanced preservation practices.

Your precious works of art need special care so they can be properly mounted to be enjoyed for years to come. The experts at Parthenon understand the subtleties of the frame and canvas mounting process and will be happy to share their expertise.