Discerning collectors will purchase individual works of art for themselves. Others will invest in an entire estate of mixed art to curate and sell. Art that has been sitting in a dusty attic or damp basement often needs to be cleaned or restored. At Parthenon, we evaluate the work and collaborate with professional art restoration companies to refresh unique pieces that have been neglected.

As a fine art dealer located on Long island for the past 35 years I am fortunate to have discovered Parthenon Framing well over a decade ago. This framer, located near MacArthur Airport,is both a pleasure to work with and is able to deliver on a consistent basis superb craftsmanship for the artworks I bring them. Because many of my sales are through important auction houses I depend on Parthenon to create the quality archival framing my particular business requires.

Dr. Hal Edrich

Owner of Edrich Fine Arts Ltd.

We have been using Parthenon framing for many years, and trust them to handle our artwork carefully, while creating a beautiful finished product that is completed quickly. They are able to consistently turn out expertly framed items from simple family photographs to complex shadow boxes. The entire staff is a delight to work with, and we look forward to many more years of their service.

Elizabeth T.

NYC Retailer


George and his team take the time and energy to carefully reflect on the most suitable framing design of every piece, as it it were a valuable museum painting. Elegant , correct period, and institution -like approaches in framing significantly enhances the wall power, intensity, and resale value of an artwork.

Both George and Nicole, “ think outside the traditional box”, so to speak, to build, invent, and create breath-taking, eye-catching, and impactful solutions not found anywhere else. They also have a strong understanding of proper archival protocols, historical and academic themes, and are savvy as to applying their expansive inventory of framing products to enhance the work. —all while keeping an astute eye on the bottom line. It is pleasure to discuss each work with them, and witness their level of discipline and excellence. it’s like dealing with a curator at MoMA.

Rick Friedman

Founder of ArtHamptons, Avid collector of 300+ museum quality art works.